Nom Nom /ˈnäm ˌnäm/ (exclamation) 1. used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating delicious food.


Nom Nom PR is a boutique strategic communications and marketing firm specializing in the food and beverage industries, lifestyle, special event promotions and community outreach.

We're passionate culinary and lifestyle enthusiasts with a fondness for the art of local food and drink, music, travel and all things amazing taking great pride in living and working in the great cities of Austin and San Antonio.  

After many years of working in the entertainment industry in New York City and Philadelphia as public relations and marketing professionals, Carl Schultz and San Antonio native Veronica Vallado, made their move to Austin in early 2009 where soon after, their love affair with the burgeoning local food and drink community began.

Our fundamental goal is simple:  we only work with clients that we absolutely love and therefore, we absolutely love what we do!

Whether potential clients are looking for local, regional and / or national media exposure, or a customized event or social media marketing campaign, our work ethic combined with our expertise, commitment to detail and a fresh and honest approach sets us apart from the rest. We think outside the box, producing results via savvy media outreach and marketing strategies. We also pride ourselves in keeping our roster manageable by being very selective, working only with self-starters that we feel passionate about. 

Our #1 goal is client satisfaction. We’re 100% hands-on every step of the way, constantly keeping our partners informed and engaged with our daily efforts. While other firms will pass on an account to a secondary representative soon after signing on the dotted line, our partners can rest assured that we will always remain on the front lines.

There is nothing more satisfying than turning virtual unknowns into industry rock stars! 

We strongly believe that great talent and their art deserve to leave an indelible mark. As brand ambassadors, our team works in tandem with our partners’ daily efforts to achieve tangible results. Crafting and telling their stories is our passion and our approach is always intuitive and sincere. We help our partners deliver their narratives through thoughtful, yet compellingly-written press releases, strategic media and marketing outreach, and focused social media messaging.

To always stay two steps ahead, we offer proactive public relations and marketing consultation on a frequent basis via phone, email and / or in-person meetings. We network on our partners' behalf to make those important, long-lasting connections, constantly creating new opportunities to ensure prolonged and continued growth to ensure long-term progress.

We're obsessed with success!